Add Conditions to Your Product Builder

With Product Builder, you can add conditions to the build of your product. An example of a condition is showing an option if another option is selected. 

Note: If you haven't yet, Create a New Product Builder Page before completing these steps.

To add conditions to your product builder, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Product Builder.
  3. Select Edit Rules next to the builder you would like to add conditions.

    edit rules

  4. Select Create New Condition.

    create new condition

  5. Select a Step next to "If".

    Note: You will create your condition statement here, step by step, it will be something like: "If Colour is equal to Black, Then Show Design."

    select a step

  6. Select is equal to or is not equal to next to "step".

    select an option

  7. Select an Option.

    select an option

  8. Select Show or Hide.

    Note: Best practice is to keep all conditional statement the same, choose show or hide and stick with it.

    select show or hide

  9. Select a Step.

    select a step

  10. Select an Option.

    select an option

  11. Select Save.

    Note: You can also select Add New Rule or Add New Action here if there are additional rules or actions related to this condition. The condition statement here indicates that size small would only show if the customer selected the color red.

    select save

  12. Repeat steps as needed to add more conditions. 

That's it!

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