Google Analytics - Tracking Product & Recurring Order Information

By default Recurring Orders will track three different events during the checkout process, but if you'd like to record more information when a successful order is placed - all you need to do is insert our advanced Google Analytics script.

Inserting our advanced custom script will track the following:

  • Myshopify Domain
  • Shopify Order #
  • Order Total
  • Shipping Total
  • Tax Total
  • Product Title
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Price
  • And also record the regular Google Analytics "Successful Checkout" Event.

To successfully integrate this level of tracking, you must first enable E-commerce within your Google Analytics dashboard and then paste in our provided script in the custom tracking scripts box.


This script is not compatible with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

Visit the Google Analytics support article Set up Ecommerce Tracking, to review the steps required.

Before inserting this script, ensure that your Google Analytics ID has been inserted under the Google Analytics integration tab. Visit the Google Analytics and Advanced Tracking Scripts article for detailed instructions.

  1. Copy the analytics.js code.
  2. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps
  3. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold
  4. Select Settings.

    Select Settings 

  5. Select Integrations.

    Select Integrations 

  6. Select Tracking Scripts.

    select tracking scripts 

  7. Select the Enable Custom Tracking Scripts For Successful Purchases. checkbox.

    select the checkbox

  8. At the bottom of the text box, paste the script copied in step 1.

    paste the copied script

  9. Select Save.

    select save 

That's it!

Once you've made these changes, all initial recurring orders should be recorded in your Ecommerce Reports.

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