Turn the Add to Cart Button into a Link to the Product Builder Page

To convert the add to cart button into a link that will direct the user to the Product Builder page, follow these steps:

  1. Create alternate template (links to Shopify).
  2. Find the add to cart button, it will generally look like this:
    <input type="submit" name="add" class="btn" id="product-add-to-cart" value="Add to Cart">
  3. Make any changes:
    • To change the text on the button, insert the new text in the value="" attribute.
    • To prevent the button from adding the product to the cart and just link to the builder page, delete everything in the id="" and type="" attributes.
    • To have the button link to the builder page, add an HTML <a href=""></a> tag around the button, and then put the builder's URL into the href="" attribute.

    Here's an example with these modifications:

    <a href="http://xxxx.com/apps/productbuilder/xxxx"><input type="" name="add" class="btn" id="" value="Builder Page"></a>
  4. Select Save.

That's it!

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