Add a Store in Store Locator

Store Locator allows you to add the details to your stores and display them on your customer-facing map page.

This article outlines how to add a store into your Store Locator app.




  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Store Locator.
  3. Select Stores.

    select stores

  4. Select Manage Locations.

    select manage locations

  5. Select Create Store.

    select create store

  6. Enter a Store Name.

    Store Name

  7. Select a Store Group.

    Note: You'll need to have created your store groups already.

    Store Group

  8. Enter the Address.


  9. Enter the City.


  10. Select a Country.


  11. Select a Province/State.


  12. Enter a Postal/Zip Code.

    Postal Code

  13. Enter a Phone number.


  14. Enter a Fax number.

    Fax Number

  15. Enter an Email address.


  16. Enter a Website.


  17. Enter the Hours of Operations.

    Hours Of Operation

  18. Select Add a New Search Field, enter the Search Term and select Add. (optional)

    add a new search field

  19. Select Add a new Extra Field, enter a Field Name and select Add. (optional)

    enter a new extra field

  20. Select Find My Store.

    Find My Store

    • If using Find My Store does not accurately place your store's location, use GPS Coordinates to get your longitude and latitude coordinates. Select I know my Coordinates and enter the latitude and longitude of your store, then select Update Location.

      Enter in the latitude coordinates, longitude coordinates, then select Update Location

  21. Select Save.
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