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Archiving a customer's return in Returns Manager should be the last step in your process. When you archive a return, it's pushed to a historical "Archived" section for you to view when you look at your analytics section.

Note: Once a return has been archived it cannot be unarchived. We strongly recommend that you have confirmed your customer's satisfaction with the return process before archiving this return.

To archive a return, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Returns Manager by Bold.
  3. Select Returns.
  4. Select Active Returns.

    From the Returns dropdown menu, select Active Returns (second one from the top)

  5. Select Archive, next to the return you would like to archive.

    On the far-right side of the return you want to archive, select the folder symbol, underneath Archive

  6. Select OK.

    Within the pop-up menu, select OK in the bottom-right corner to confirm that you want to archive the return

Once you've archived a return, you can visit it by selecting Archived Returns from the Returns tab. From there, you're able to view the customer's note, any attachments uploaded by the customer or yourself, add a public or internal note, and mark whether or not a shipping label has been given to the customer.

Note: Once you've marked a shipping label as either not applicable, or have applied it (by selecting "OK"), you cannot change the Shipping Label status.

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