Xero Error Messages

This article outlines and explains some common error messages you may receive while using Xero Sync.

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This error appears during export when a contact of the same name already exists within Xero.

To resolve this, you will need to either delete the Xero contact with the same name and re-export, or manually create the Shopify order in Xero.

This error appears when duplicate data exists within Xero that Shopify hasn't been able to reconcile.

Shopify POS introduces a few edge cases that aren't covered by Xero, including partial refunds. Shopify is still looking into this.

This error appears when a product has been deleted from Shopify that is also included in an order that's being exported.

Once deleted, Xero no longer has the information about the product that's required to perform the export.

We recommend hiding any products of this nature.

This error appears when the SKU(s) you are using are not properly formatted in the Standard Latin Alphabet.

Xero is only able to understand the Standard Latin Alphabet.

This error appears when the organization has either been deactivated, removed, or is otherwise no longer available.

Refunds and associated transactions will be properly split among payment accounts (PayPal / gift card payment) if one or more of these accounts were involved in the refund.

This error appears when you start tracking inventory after you enable inventory tracking for a product within an order that has already been exported.

Xero is not able to adjust the inventory of this product if inventory tracking was not set prior to the export.

We recommend performing a manual change within Xero if this error occurs.

This error appears when the stock levels of products inside Xero are less than what is being exported.

It’s best to manually verify and adjust the stock level of products within Xero prior to exporting with Xero Sync, otherwise, you can adjust the stock in your Xero account and perform a manual export for the failed item.

Refunds in Shopify will create a credit note in Xero for the amount of the refund when the order is exported.



To adjust the stock in your Xero account, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your Xero account and select Business > Products and services.

    Products and services

  2. Select the product that is generating the error.

    Select a product

  3. Select Options > New Adjustment.

    Options then New Adjustment

  4. Select New Adjustment > Enter Quantity Amount > Accounts to have adjustments reflect to > Review Adjustment.

    Review Adjustment

  5. Select Post Adjustment.

    Post Adjustment

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