Xero Error Messages

Here are some error messages you may receive while using Xero and possible solutions. Please select the issue to view the possible solution.

If Xero contacts have a customer with name XYZ, we cannot export a customer from Shopify with the same name. You will either need to manually export the information from Shopify to Xero or delete the Xero contact with the same name first.

There is duplicate data in Xero that Shopify hasn't been able to reconcile. POS does introduce a couple of edge cases that aren't covered by Xero which includes partial refunds. Shopify is still looking into this.

The error "required information has been deleted" means that the order has a product that has since been deleted from the Shopify side. Xero no longer has the information about the product that is required to do an export. To remedy this, you can hide the products.

The "code can't be blank" error is due to the SKU you are using, not being in the Standard Latin Alphabet.

Unfortunately, Xero can only understand the Standard Latin Alphabet, if you are using any language with special characters (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.), you will receive this error.

The organization has been deactivated, removed, or otherwise no longer there. Now, with refunds and their associated transactions that we create, they will be properly split among payment or PayPal payment, or gift card payment accounts if one or more of those accounts were involved in the refund.

This error message appears if you start tracking inventory after the order was placed with this product inside. There is no way for Xero to adjust the inventory of this product if it didn't start tracking until recently. You will need to do a manual change in Xero instead.

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