QuickBooks Online FAQ

These are some of the most common questions regarding QuickBooks Online. Select the question to view the answer. 

No, shipping is brought over as a line item, you can't separate it.

No, you can only select one deposit account. It's not possible to sync to a different account based on payment type or gateway.

Yes, but it's not recommended since you can't differentiate between the two stores.

Yes, if the Shopify POS system places an order in Shopify the info will transfer.

Xero is invoicing, QuickBooks Online is sales receipts.

No, not by Bold. You can reach out to QuickBooks Online Support directly for any extended trials.

QuickBooks Online seems to be doing its own tax calculations which is out of our control. It is something we are looking into.

Bundles are separated from products in Shopify, and when they are exported to QuickBooks Online, they come across as individual products and they can't be altered to Bundles because future orders of those products would fail to export.

The orders aren't going into undeposited funds because you are using Shopify Payments. Until Shopify pays out the transactions that happen thru Shopify Payments, your sales will be held in the Shopify holding account.