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QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts

  • Updated

QuickBooks Online offers a wide range of account types that integrate with QuickBooks Sync.

All accounts created within QuickBooks Online must be in the same currency as your Shopify store.

You can review your existing accounts and create new ones on the Chart of Accounts page in QuickBooks Online.



Chart of accounts

  Account Type Sub-Account Type(s) Description
Product sales Income
  • Sales
  • Sales of Product Income
An income account that records completed orders as sales receipts.
Gift cards Liability

Other Current Liabilities

A liability account that records purchased gift cards. When gift cards are redeemed, the corresponding liability is subtracted from this account. This account does not track gift cards that were issued manually. Visit Issue Free Gift Cards for more information.
PayPal deposits Bank
  • Checking
  • Bank
A bank account that records payments received for purchases made using PayPal.
Payment deposits Asset

Other Current Assets

An asset account that records payments received for all sales in Shopify. The name of this account as it appears in Shopify reflects your settings in QuickBooks Online at the time of your last export.
Bank account to deposit payouts Bank
  • Checking
  • Bank
An account that records the net amount received for sales, representing the net amount that would have been deposited to your bank from Shopify.
Payout fees and adjustments Expense

Uncategorized Expense

An account used to record all fees taken off from Shopify from the Gross amount of the Shopify order.