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Bold Motivator encourages your customers to spend more on your site by showing them monetary goals through a banner display.

You can use this banner to offer free shipping promotions, display discount codes, or even gift a product to customers who reach a certain goal.

Note: The gift feature of Motivator is only available on the Premium plan and requires a small coding installation to work correctly. Visit Bold Motivator Code Install Instructions - Premium and Create a Bold Motivator Goal (Free Product) for more information on this feature and how to install the coding.

To set up Motivator, please follow these steps:

Motivator has a Basic plan and a Premium plan. With the Basic plan, you're able to set up a banner on your website to encourage your customers to reach a set monetary goal.

You can offer the incentive of a discount code, or even free shipping to customers who reach your monetary goal. You can also adjust the language that appears on the banner.

With the Premium plan, you'll have all of these features, plus the ability to schedule your banner between a certain time, offer different goals to customers in different countries, and automatically give your customers a free gift when they reach the goal.

Visit What's the difference between Bold Motivator Standard and Premium for more information on the difference between these two plans.

Visit Change Plans in Bold Motivator to learn how to switch your plan tier.

Motivator Premium has an associated code installation if you want to use the app to offer free gift products.

The installation prevents your gift products from being purchased if a customer has not qualified for the associated goal.

Visit Bold Motivator Code Install Instructions - Premium for more information on how to install the app.

If you are not comfortable working with code, please visit Request a Bold Motivator Installation and our team will be happy to assist.

Create your first goal using Bold Motivator; this will display as a banner across the top of your website.

Set the required dollar amount needed to unlock the goal, change the language used on the banner, and congratulate your customer when they reach the goal.

The banner will update to reflect how close a customer is to your goal each time they add something to their cart.

Visit Set up a Free Shipping Promotion to learn more about how to create a Motivator goal that will offer your customers free shipping once they have qualified.

Visit Create a Motivator Goal for a Discount Code to learn more about how to create a Motivator goal that will offer your customers a discount code once they have qualified.

If you'd like to set up a free gift goal using Motivator Premium, visit Create a Bold Motivator Goal (Free Product).

Adjust the way that Bold Motivator's display banner appears on your storefront to match your branding, to stand out more, or to look however you want it to.

Make changes to the colour of the banner, the size of the font, and the amount of time the banner displays for, or use your own custom CSS.

Note: If you want to move the banner to the bottom of your website, please visit Move the Bold Motivator Banner to the Bottom.

Visit Change Motivator's Display Settings for more information on how to customize the banner.

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