Create a New Measurement


To create a new measurement in Buy the Measurement, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Buy the Measurement.

    select Buy the Measurements

  3. Select Measurements.

    select measurements

  4. Select Create New.

    select create new

  5. Under "Step 1 - Select a type of measurement", select a Measurement Type.

    select a measurement

  6. Under "Step 2 - Let's set up your measurements!", Enter a Unit of Measure.

    enter a unit of measure

  7. Enter a Description (optional).

    enter a description

  8. Select Show and enter a Name for the Quantity Box (optional).

    select show and enter a name

  9. Enter your Measurement and Unit for each one available.

    enter your measurement and unit

  10. Enter your Calculation.

    enter your calculation

  11. Under "Step 3 - Assign it to some products", use the product selector tools to select products.

    Note: Visit Use the Product Selector in an App for detailed instructions for this feature.

    select products

  12. Under "Step 4 - Go Live!", enter a Measurement Name.

    enter a measurement name

  13. Select Save.

    select save

  14. Wait for the batch process to complete.

    Wait for the batch process to complete

  15. Select the toggle to turn on the measurement set.

    Note: It will take a minute or two for the batch to complete, the length of time is dependant on the number of products, variants, and measurements in the measurement set. When it is complete, the toggle will be green and read ON.

    select the toggle

That's it!

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