Add the Quantity Box to the Product Page


Quantity Breaks displays a tabled breakdown of the different pricing tiers you offer to your customers for a particular product. Quantity Breaks does not add a quantity input box to your product page. 

In this article, we are going to go over how you can add a quantity input box to your product pages. An example of a quantity input box can be seen in the example below:

Quantity Input Box

To include this quantity box on your product pages, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Online Store.
  2. Select Actions.
  3. Select Edit code.
  4. Under "Templates", select product.liquid.

    select product.liquid

  5. Add this code where you would like the quantity box to appear.

    Note: If your theme contains sections, you may have to make these changes in product-template.liquid under "Sections".

    <!-- Simple Quantity Box -->
    Quantity <input type="text" name="quantity" value="1" size="4" style="width:30px;">
    <!-- // end -->

    add this code

  6. Select Save.

That's it!

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