Import Retroactive Orders into Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points can be assigned to orders retroactively. This feature is most commonly used for orders placed before the app was installed and started to award points.


At this time, version 1 of Bold Loyalty Points is unavailable for new installations. If you are currently using version 1 of Bold Loyalty Points, you will be able to continue using the app as your account will now be grandfathered.




  1. From the Shopify Admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Loyalty Points by Bold.
  3. Select Settings.

    select settings

  4. Select Retroactive Orders.

    select retroactive orders

  5. Select a Start Date.

    select a start date

  6. Select an End Date.

    select an end date

  7. Select Submit.

    select submit

You will receive an email notification when the import is complete.

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