Recurring Orders - Version 2.3 - Release Notes - August 14 - 2017

Recurring Orders Version 2.3 was launched on August 14, 2017. The changes are outlined here.

There are several new features in Recurring Orders Version 2.2, they are outlined here:

Transactions Report

You can now export a CSV file of your transactions for subscription orders. This option is found under Reports -> Transactions Report

This report will contain the transaction ID relevant to your connected payment gateway, the Shopify order #, subtotal, customer email, product info, and more.

Transactions Report

Disable the Shopify Order Confirmation Email

You can now turn off the Shopify "Order Confirmation Email", so future recurring orders don't trigger this email to your subscribers. This option is ideal for merchants using Recurring Orders for payment plans, online services, membership fees, or non-physical products.

This setting is found under Settings -> General in the app admin.

send shopify order email

If disabled the subscriber will only receive the Shopify "Order Confirmation Email" on their initial recurring order after a successful checkout (not their second and all future recurring orders).

There is no way to turn this off in the original order, and this is applied to all products.

Build A Box - Out of Stock Support

When offering a Build A Box subscription type, the product selection page will show if a product is "Out of Stock", and not allow it to be selected when out of stock. Visit the Recurring Orders Demo to try out this functionality.

Out of Stock

Build A Box - Variant Specific Product Images

Build A Box subscription types now support variant specific product images! Instead of showing the main product image, if you offer variants of a product in your Build A Box - it will show the product image assigned to the specific variant.

Unsure of how to setup variant specific product images? Check out Add images to existing variants on the Shopify site for detailed instructions.

variant images

Allow Overselling

You can now tell Recurring Orders to oversell on recurring orders, producing the Shopify order even though your product may be out of stock or low on inventory. This option can be used to ensure you allocate inventory to recurring orders first; rather the customer's placing orders on your store front and snagging important inventory needed for your subscriptions. 

This new setting is found under Settings -> General.

Allow Overselling

  • When deleting a discount code in Recurring Orders, the discount code will remain stored in the database and remain searchable and listed. This feature was requested based on reporting needs.

    delete discount code

  • The word "Every" was not translatable in the Recurring Orders checkout, which then transferred to the Shopify order summary. This field was used to show the frequency chosen for the products in the Recurring Orders checkout, AKA "Every 1 Month(s)". It's now a translatable field in the Settings -> Language area.
  • After downloading Recurring Orders, the default recurring style is now set to Multiple Products style. It's due to Single Product style being significantly less popular than Multiple Products style.

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