Add a Custom Product to an Order

If you'd like to add a custom product to an order, this can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Please follow the steps below.


Bold Order Manager is no longer available to install on the Shopify App Store. If you already have Bold Order Manager installed, you will be able to continue using it as it is grandfathered on your store.



  1. From the Shopify Admin, select Apps
  2. Select Order Manager
  3. Select Existing Orders.

    Select Existing Orders 

  4. Select the actions icon.

    select the actions icone 

  5. Select Add Products.

    select add products 

  6. Select Add custom product.

    select add custom product 

  7. Enter a Custom Product Name.

    enter a custom product name

  8. Enter a Dollar Amount.

    enter a dollar amount 

  9. Enter a Qty (quantity).

    enter a quantity 

  10. Enter a Weight (Lbs).

    enter a weight 

  11. Enter an SKU.

    enter a SKU 

  12. Enter a Custom Product Vendor.

    enter a custom product vendor 

  13. Enter a Description.

    enter a description 

  14. Select Choose File and use the file manager to attach an image to the charge (optional).

    select choose file 

  15. Select Charge for shipping? (optional)

    select charge for shipping 

  16. Select Taxable? (optional)

    select taxable 

  17. Select Checkout for the customer or Email customer to checkout.

    select an option 

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