Create a Custom Order in Custom Orders


To create a custom order in Custom Orders, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Custom Orders.

    select custom orders 

  3. Select Orders.

    select orders 

  4. Select Create New.

    select create new 

  5. Enter the Customer First Name.

    enter the customer first name 

  6. Enter the Customer Last Name.

    enter the customer last name 

  7. Enter the Customer Email.

    enter the customer email 

  8. Enter a Custom Note (optional).

    enter a note

  9. Add product: 
    • Select Select Products and Use the Product Selector in an App to choose an existing product or products to add to the order; or

      Select Product 

    • Add a custom product.
      1. Enter a Custom Product Name.

        enter a custom product name 

      2. Enter a Dollar Amount (Price).

        enter a price 

      3. Enter a Quantity (Qty).

        enter a quantity 

      4. Enter a Weight (Lbs).

        enter a weight 

      5. Enter a Description (optional).

        enter a description 

      6. Select Choose File and use the file manager to navigate to and choose a product image (optional).

        select choose file 

  10. Select Add Another Product or I'm Done Entering Products.

    Note: If you choose "Add Another Product", repeat all steps within step 9 repeatedly until all products have been added to the custom order.

    select an option 

  11. Select Checkout Now or Send Payment Email.

    Note Choose Checkout Now to complete the process for the customer, choose Send Payment Email to request payment and have the customer complete the process.

    make a selection 

That's it!

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