Export a List of Products on Sale

To export a list of products on sale, follow these steps:

From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

Select Apps

  1. Select Product Discount.

    Select Product Discount

  2. Select Current Discounts.

    select current discounts

  3. Select View next to a discount offer.

    select view

  4. Note the Discount Tag.

    note the discount tag

  5. Select Products.

    select products

  6. Select Filter products.

    select filter products

  7. Under "Show all products where", select Tagged with.

    select tagged with

  8. Under "Tagged with", enter the tag noted in Step 5.

    enter the discount tag

  9. Select Add filter.

    select add filter

  10. Select Export.

    select export

  11. Under "Export", select xx products matching search.

    select xx products matching search

  12. Select Export products.

    select export products

That's it!

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