Add a Recommendation Widget to Your Product Pages


Bold Brain gives you the ability to add recommendation widgets to your product pages. These widgets can show items related to the product their viewing, frequently purchased products, recently added items, and many more.

Note: The widgets are currently only available to clients on a paid plan tier. If you're still on a free plan tier after your trial period has ended, the app will stop displaying the widgets on your storefront. You won't be able to edit or view them on the store until a paid plan tier has been selected. Visit Change Your Price Plan in Bold Brain for more information on how to switch.

To add a recommendation widget in Brain, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Brain.

    select Bold Brain

  3. Select Widgets.

    Select Widgets

  4. Select Create New Widget.

    New Widget

  5. Select the Widget Type.

    Select Widget Type

  6. Select a Backup Strategy.

    Note: This will allow you to either fill the widget with other items or hide it if Brain is unable to associate enough products with the widget type.

    Select Backup Strategy

  7. Adjust the Widget Title (optional).

    Enter Widget Title

  8. Select the Number of Items (optional).

    Select Number of Items

  9. Select Allow Free Products (optional). Note:

    Select Allow Free Products

  10. Select Display Add To Cart Button (optional).

    Select Display Add to Cart Button

  11. Select the Background Color (optional).

    Note: A separate color selection modal will pop-up when you select the background color box.

    Select Background Color

  12. Select Save or Save And Install.

    Note: Selecting "Save And Install" will automatically insert the widget's coding into your theme files and enable it on the storefront.

    Select Save or Save and Install

That's it! If you selected Save in the last step, visit Install Your Recommendation Widget for more information on how to install your widget code manually.

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