Refund a Cashier Order

To refund an order placed through Bold Cashier, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Orders.

    select orders

  2. Enter the Order Number in the search bar.

    enter order number

  3. Select the Order Number.

    Select the order number

  4. Select More actions.

    Select More Actions

  5. Select Refund - Cashier.

    Select Refund Cashier

  6. Enter a Refund qty.

    Note: To issue a full refund here, select "Issue Full Refund" and skip the remaining steps.

    enter a refund quantity

  7. Enter a Restock qty.

    enter a restock quantity

  8. Enter a $ amount next to "Shipping" if you would like to refund a full or partial shipping charge.

    enter a $ amount

  9. Select Refund $XX.XX.

    Select $ amount

That's it!

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