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The Bold Subscriptions Buy Button is an advanced feature of Subscriptions and requires basic knowledge of HTML to implement. The use of this feature requires a Shopify Basic plan, as our app utilizes the Shopify account system for subscribers to manage and access their subscription. A live and non-password protected Shopify storefront is needed. 

With the Bold Subscriptions' Buy Button feature, you can link customers directly to the subscription checkout to purchase a subscription product. This feature is in beta phase but is available to all app users. 

Check out a live example of a Bold Subscriptions Buy Button.

You can use Buy Buttons to:

  • Sell your subscription products on external websites like WordPress, Squarespace, partner blogs, or wherever your Shopify store has an online presence.
  • Create unique marketing content like marketing emails and promotional content that focus on a single subscription product.
  • Link customers directly from custom Shopify hosted pages to reduce the steps to check out. Like subscription landing pages, selectable buttons, etc.

Visit Create a Buy Button with Bold Subscriptions for detailed instructions.

Your Shopify store must be set to Single Product or Multiple Product style to create a Buy Button. To check what style your store is set to, navigate in Bold Subscriptions to Subscriptions > Cart Mode.

Note: This feature requires the product to be inside a subscription group, which is not a feature of Recurring Cart style.

If your store is set in the correct style, this feature can be found under Subscriptions > Create Buy Button

This feature is currently in beta testing though it is available to all Subscriptions users. It's important to be aware of some limitations before you create your first Subscriptions Buy Button:

  • A Buy Button link can only be deactivated by fully deleting the subscription group that contains the product for which it was created. You can recreate the subscription group if necessary.
  • A deactivated Buy Button link can be selected by a customer, but if the subscription group has been successfully deleted, it will redirect them to your Shopify store home page. 
  • Buy Button links can only be created for products inside an active subscription group.
  • Buy Button links can be negatively impacted if the applicable Subscription Group's prepaid settings have been edited. 
  • Not compatible with Build a Box. 
  • Not compatible with Refersion affiliate URL/link tracking.
  • Not compatible with Recurring Cart mode

With these current limitations, we recommend caution when you send out these links. 

Bold Subscriptions Buy Buttons are used to direct a customer to the subscription checkout with a single subscription product set to a particular frequency. 

When a customer selects the Buy Button link, they will be directed to your Shopify store's subscription checkout, and all they have to do is enter their billing and shipping information to become a subscriber. It's a great way to reduce the number of steps it takes to get to the checkout. 

Buy Buttons are compatible with standard subscriptions, convertible subscriptions, and even prepaid subscriptions.

The customer cannot purchase other items along with the product that is connected to the Buy Button, and they cannot select their order frequency. This feature is not designed to involve your theme's Shopify cart or for a combination of items to be purchased at once. 

Visit Create a Buy Button with Bold Subscriptions for detailed instructions.

Once you have created the Buy Button, you can implement it in two different ways:

  • Copy URL for creating this subscription will only copy the URL itself, not the generated button to accompany it.

    Copy URL

    Here is a live example of what this will look like once complete: Buy Button Link Example

    Buy Button Link Example

  • Copy code to clipboard will copy the entire contents of the grey box. This HTML can be inserted into the source code of any webpage, and it will look like a button out of the box.

    Copy code

    Here is an example of what this will look like once complete: Buy Button Example.

     Buy Button Example

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  • Hi is there a way to modify the button appearance?

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  • Hey Trevor,

    You can modify the button by adding Inline CSS styling to the code, or by using CSS to style the button using the class associated the button's code.


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  • Hi is there an option to have custom "notes" embedded with button/link?
    i.e. adding query string &note="custom note"


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  • Hi Don!

    Unfortunately what you're looking to do is not currently possible with our Bold Subscriptions Buy Buttons. Sorry the news couldn't be better. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at We're always happy to help out in any way we can!


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