Klaviyo and Recurring Orders Integration

You can integrate Klaviyo with Recurring Orders by entering your Public API Key into the app.

Pairing Klaviyo tracking and Recurring Orders together allows you to gather valuable information about your subscribers during the purchase process and the subscription cancellation process. Use this information to communicate based on data-driven events and behaviors, through strategic email and social media campaigns.

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Through this integration, multiple events will be tracked during the Recurring Orders checkout process, which can then be viewed in the Metrics section of your Klaviyo dashboard. It can be found under Metrics -> Activity Feed.

Recurring Orders will track the following events during the checkout process:

  • Started Checkout
    • This event will be recorded once the customer enters their email address in the checkout.
  • Add Shipping Info
    • This event will be recorded once the customer selects "Continue" after entering their shipping information in the checkout.
  • Successful Subscription
    • This event will be recorded once the customer hits the "Thank You Page".
    • Here is a list of the information that will be recorded when applicable:
      • Discount Code
      • Currency
      • Custom Domain
      • myshopify Domain
      • Customer Email
      • Shipping
      • Subtotal
      • Tax
      • Total

Recurring Orders will also track when a customer cancels their subscription through the "Manage Subscription Portal":

  • Canceled Subscription
    • Customer email and a "reason for canceling" (if you have that set up in Recurring Orders) will be recorded. Visit Cancellation Management Setup for more information.

To integrate Klaviyo with Recurring Orders, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold 

  3. Select Settings.

    Select Settings 

  4. Select Integrations.

    Select Integrations 

  5. Select the Klaviyo Tracking tab.

    Select the Klaviyo Tracking tab 

  6. Enter your Klaviyo API Key.

    Note: This can be found in your Klaviyo dashboard in the "User" section, under "Account". On the "Account page", select Settings -> API Keys.

    Enter your Klaviyo API Key 

  7. Select Save.

    Select Save 

That's it!

Your subscriber activity will now be recorded in your Klaviyo metrics.

Since this is a brand new integration, we're open to feedback. Please Email our Recurring Orders Team if there is any subscriber activity you'd like to see added to our integration.