Recurring Orders - Version 2.4 - Release Notes - September 27 - 2017

Recurring Orders Version 2.4 was launched on September 27, 2017. The changes are outlined here.

There are several new features in Recurring Orders Version 2.4; they are described here:

Authorize and Capture

We have now switched our Recurring Orders checkout process to an authorize and capture model.

This decision was based on customer feedback surrounding failed transactions. Often subscribers would see tentative transactions on their credit card statement even if their order had failed (for example, due to inventory, or a formatting issue). This change will reflect in the merchant's payment gateway logs. Rather than a one-step process, the authorize and capture process is broken into two separate steps within a single transaction. This feature should decrease issues of temporary charges to subscriber's credit card with a failing subscription.

Learn more about the Auth and Capture changes for Stripe

"Created New Subscription" added to CSV Exports

You can now select "Created New Subscription" when exporting a customer activity report. This option can be used to calculate how many new subscribers you obtain within a particular period. Find this new reporting option under Reports -> CSV Exports.

Created New Subscription option

Addressy Integration

You can now integrate Addressy address auto-completion services into the Recurring Orders checkout. Read more about our Addressy and Recurring Orders Integration

Klaviyo Integration

You can now integrate Klaviyo with Recurring Orders, to track different stages during the checkout and subscription cancellation process. Learn more about our Klaviyo and Recurring Orders Integration.

Renaming Fixed Shipping Rates

If you use the Recurring Orders fixed shipping rates, you can now rename them. This label will display in the checkout when the shipping rate is assigned to the order contents. Find this under Settings -> General.

Renaming Fixed Shipping Rates

Refund Done Incorrectly - New Warning

If you accidentally process a refund through Shopify, a new red warning message listing the affected Shopify Order numbers will display the next time you open Recurring Orders. This feature will alert the merchant to issue the refund a second time so the customer will be reimbursed. Visit Refund a Recurring Order to view the proper steps.

  • Fixed a bug between Product Options and Recurring Orders to resolve the issue: When a merchant adds a duplicate paid option to a recurring order with existing paid options and then removes one, the remaining options cannot be deleted. The remaining paid options are now removable.
  • Previously if a customer added a discount code in the checkout that wasn't applicable to the products in the cart, no error message would display although the discount code would not apply. Now an error message will show that explains, "The discount does not apply to these products". These are translatable fields that can be adjusted in the Settings -> Language area of Recurring Orders.

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