Hide Line Item Properties in ShipStation

  1. Log into Shipstation.

    log into shipstation

  2. Select Settings (the cog wheel icon).

    select Settings

  3. Select Templates.

    Select Templates

  4. Select Packing Slips.

    Select Packing Slips

  5. Select Copy next to the current packing slip.

    Select Copy

  6. Select Confirm.

    Select Confirm

  7. Select the Order Items menu.

    Select Order Items

  8. Remove <br>[Item Options].

    Select the line item code

  9. Change the Template Name.

    change the template name

  10. Select Save.

    select save

  11. Select Selling Channels.

    select selling channels

  12. Select Store Setup.

    select store setup

  13. Select Edit.

    select edit

  14. Select Packing Slips.

    select packing slips

  15. Select the New Packing Slip.

    select the new packing slips

  16. Select Save Changes.

    select save changes

That's it!

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