Minimum Fulfilled Order Feature in Bold Subscriptions


With Bold Subscriptions, you can choose to offer a unique subscription model that has a minimum fulfilled order configuration. This feature allows you to enforce a minimum number of subscriptions orders that must process before a customer can freely cancel their subscription.

This feature requires you to operate in Single Product or Multiple Product mode. As this feature is meant to apply to specific products you sell in your store, it is not available in Recurring Cart mode.

This feature is found when creating a Subscription Group and can be applied to a Standard Subscription, Convertible Subscription, and even Build a Box!

Manage Fulfillment

If a customer chooses to subscribe to a product that has a minimum fulfilled order value applied to it, the subscriber will not be able to cancel until they reach it (the option to cancel will not present under the "Manage" menu in the "Manage Subscription" portal).

The subscriber will see a small indicator on their subscription notifying them they are unable to cancel their subscription, as shown below:

Pop Up in Manage Subscriptions

You can adjust the text within this hover box within the Settings > Language Settings area of Subscriptions to align with your store's branding.

As the merchant, you can choose to cancel the customer's subscription at any time if the situation arises.

Once they reach the minimum fulfilled order value, the subscriber will be able to cancel their subscription themselves.

If you use this feature, we recommend that you Create Terms & Conditions for the Checkout in Bold Subscriptions, which the customer must agree to before checking out.

It's important to understand the legal considerations in your country before launching a subscription model that has a minimum fulfilled order configuration.

It's important to note that out of the box our app does not indicate when a customer is purchasing a subscription product that has a minimum fulfilled order restriction. It's up to you as the merchant to decide how to educate your customers that this is the intended behavior of their subscription. You may want to consider providing this information on your product page, like in your Shopify product description. You may also want to Create a Custom Bold Subscriptions Checkout Message with this information.

If customers complain that they are unaware of the minimum fulfilled order restriction, you may want to change the placement of this text. Through minor customization it's possible to insert a modal (popup) window the customer must agree to when adding the product to their cart, just reach out to our support team for more information.

It's not recommended to apply this feature to your entire inventory of subscription products, especially if your variety of products is quite large. It's best to use this function on unique subscription models, where enforcing a minimum fulfilled order value is a necessity.

The most critical point for the minimum fulfilled order feature is your product or service should warrant it.

It's not common to see a subscription model with a minimum fulfilled order restriction. It's more often seen with products that have discounted shipping costs available for subscribers only, payment plan subscription models, and promotional subscription models (i.e. "Get your first two orders free if you sign up for 12 months"). This feature also fits in well if your store only sells a unique subscription product that is the focal point of your store.

Applying this across scores of subscription products in one store may limit the ease of use your subscribers have when managing their products between orders, like adding new subscription products.

A subscriber cannot add new subscription products to their existing subscription if their current subscription contains a product with a minimum fulfilled order restriction applied to it.

A subscriber can still skip their upcoming subscriptions orders, but the skipped orders won't apply towards the minimum fulfilled order value.

If a customer subscribes to multiple products with different minimum order values, the subscription will take the highest number of orders enforced. (Ex. If the customer subscribes to a product with three minimum orders, and another product with six minimum orders, the subscription will not be cancelable until six orders have passed.)

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