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In Bold Upsell, when you Create a Cross-Sell Offer or Create an Upsell Offer there are advanced options at the bottom of the creation screen. This article offers a detailed explanation of these features and what they do.

This option allows customers to purchase more than one offered product. If they buy one trigger product, they can choose as many discounted products as they wish.

If you have your entire store offered at buy one, get one half price; the customer could purchase one product at full price and receive five different products at half price. This feature has no limiter, with this option selected the customer can receive an infinite number of discounted products, but only one of each product.

Displays the quantity selector to allow your customer to add more than one of each product.

If you have your entire store offered at buy one, get one half price, the customer could purchase one product at full price and receive a quantity of five of a single product at half price. This feature has a limiter so you could set a maximum number they can purchase (i.e. five).

This will turn the product image and title into a link; when your customer selects this link, they will be taken to the product page for more information on the product.

This feature requires additional coding to be added to your theme in order for it to function correctly. Please contact our Merchant Success team for assistance with this installation.

Note: We can only track when an item is added through the offer window. By checking this we will not be able to report your conversions accurately if you link the product title or image.

This option hides out of stock products, once a product has no more stock available it will no longer be available in the upsell offer. This feature will not allow customers to purchase out of stock products, essentially disallowing backorders.

This option will remove any discounted products from the customer's cart if they no longer meet the qualifying conditions of the offer.

This will only function correctly if the discounted products are created using Bold Discounts V1's duplicate and hide feature.

Visit Create a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offer for more detailed information on how to setup this type of offer.

This feature will show the price difference, rather than the full price of the product you upsell. (i.e. Upgrade for only $4 more).

If the customer adds two of the trigger products, they get two of the offer products.

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