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Bold Brain is an intelligent eCommerce app that uses machine learning to determine relationships between your site's products. These relationships can then be used to offer smarter cross-sells, bundles, or subscription offers to your customers.

The app also offers a series of widgets that can display different groups of products to your customers, relative to the item they are currently viewing.


Brain requires significant purchase information on your site to build stable, intelligent product relationships.


Bold Brain is no longer available for new installations. If you currently have Bold Brain installed on your store, it will continue to function as expected.



Brain offers a free price tier that allows you to use the app's profit margin and audiences features, along with any of the integrations.


There may be additional costs associated with each of the integrations.

The app's paid tiers let you display different types of recommendation widgets. Brain can display any related, most frequently purchased, recently added, or recently viewed products within the widgets.

Visit Change Your Price Plan in Bold Brain for more information on how to enable the app's recommendation widgets feature.

The audiences feature in Brain allows you to create different segments of customers based on specific criteria.

These segments can then be used for marketing purposes, advertising, or to determine how your customers shop.

Visit Create and Edit Audiences in Bold Brain for more information on this feature and how to set it up.

Visit Using Audiences with Mailchimp to learn how to this feature with Mailchimp's marketing service.

Brain offers several different recommendation widgets you can display to your customers.

The app reads your site's purchase information to determine purchase relationships between certain items.

The widgets will show products relevant to the widget type you select within the app.

Visit Add a Recommendation Widget to Your Product Pages for more information on how to create these widgets.

Visit Install Your Recommendation Widget to learn how to manually install the widget.

Brain's analytics section provide you with insight as to how the app is performing on your site.

You're able to view each of your widgets' performance along with their overall sales.

Visit View Widget Performance in Bold Brain for more information on your widget statistics.

Brain offers many different integrations that provide additional functionalities.

You can use Brain to create smarter cross-sell offers, better bundle deals, and subscription offerings.

Brain is also integrated with Mailchimp to provide you with dynamic email marketing, and Yotpo to offer a widget of top rated products.

Visit Bold Brain - Integrations/Plugins for more information on these integrations and how to enable them for your site.

Once your store has enough purchase information, Brain will begin to display Insight offers within its dashboard. These offers are based on product relationships that Brain has established through previous orders.

For cross-sells and bundles, the app will attempt to find products that are frequently purchased together.

With subscriptions, Brain will look for instances where the same product is being purchased over a set period of time.

Visit View and Create Insight Offers in Bold Brain for more information on how to set up these offers.

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