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Multi-Currency is a robust currency converter that allows your customers to see your product's prices in their own currency.

You can customize the display, add your own exchange rate / padding rules, automatically geolocate your customer's currency, and when integrated with Bold Cashier, your customers can purchase in their own currency.

It is highly recommended disabling any other currency conversion software before enabling Bold Multi-Currency. Using two currency conversion apps at the same time will cause conflicts with your product's pricing.


As of February 19th, 2021, Bold Multi-Currency is no longer available to install on the Shopify App Store. If your store has installed our Bold Multi-Currency app prior to February 19, 2021 - you will be able to continue using this app as it is grandfathered on your store.



Multi-Currency requires an installation of Liquid code in order to function correctly on your storefront. Please visit Multi-Currency Code Install Instructions for more information.

If you aren't comfortable with Liquid code, please visit Request a Multi-Currency Installation to have our team complete the installation for you.

Note: Changing themes requires a re-installation of our Liquid code.

Any currency that you would like displayed must be added into Multi-Currency first. Once added to the app, you can enable or disable individual currencies from displaying to your customers.

The currencies you enable in the app will display in alphabetical order on your storefront.

Please visit Add a Currency in Multi-Currency for more information on how to add a currency, and please visit Enable or Disable Currencies for more information on how to manage your currencies.

Shopify's default currency must match the default currency you have set in Multi-Currency. Selecting two different default currencies will cause issues with how your product prices are displayed on the storefront.

Please visit Change the Default Currency for more information on how to select a default currency in Multi-Currency.

You can select from multiple different display options for where and how your currency picker will display on the storefront.

Currency Picker Placement

Please visit Change the Placement of the Currency Picker for more information.

Multi-Currency provides you with the flexibility to customize the app's display and position on your storefront. You can change the colours, font style, as well as the direction that the picker opens.

Please visit Customize the Multi-Currency Picker for more information.

With Multi-Currency, you can set rounding rules so your currencies can convert with specific decimal numbers.

You can set a range of accepted decimal numbers, then choose how the app should round these on the storefront. These rules are created on a per-currency basis.

Note: Shopify's checkout is not able to process the exchange rates you attach to a currency. Please visit Cashier & Multi-Currency Integration for more information.

Please also visit Create Rounding Rules for a Currency for more information on how to set these rules and Test Rounding Rules in Multi-Currency on how to test these rules.

Multi-Currency allows you to set custom exchange rates for each of the currencies you offer to your customers.

By default, the app will pull its exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates every two hours, but you can also set custom exchange rules on a per-currency basis.

Exchange rate padding can also be used to include additional conversion costs for a specific currency.

Note: Shopify's checkout will not process the exchange rates you attach to a currency. Please visit Cashier & Multi-Currency Integration to process orders using custom exchange rates.

Please also visit Use Your Own Exchange Rate for more information on how to set a custom exchange rate, and Add Exchange Rate Padding for more information on how to set exchange rate padding.

Multi-Currency uses IP-based geolocation to display a customer's local currency when they visit your store. Multi-Currency reads your customer's IP address to display the customer's preferred currency.

When Multi-Currency is not able to read a customer's IP address correctly, it will instead display the store's default currency.

Some merchants choose to hide their currency picker when geolocation is enabled so no picker is shown when customers view your store.

Please visit Use the Customer's Location to Automatically Set the Currency for more information on how to enable this feature, and Hide the Currency Picker on how to hide the picker.

When using Multi-Currency in combination with Bold Cashier, your customers can purchase in their preferred currency.

This integration accepts any rounding rules and custom exchange rates in Multi-Currency.

Note: Cashier requires a third party payment gateway for each of the currencies you wish to accept payments in.

Please visit Cashier & Multi-Currency Integration to learn how to enable this integration.