Can I disable coupons while running a sale?


Bold Discounts doesn't utilize discount codes, but both sources of discounts can work side by side. The app discounts the store's product pricing, coupons are entered at the checkout. There is no way within Shopify to prevent coupons from being added.

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  • I believe I have a workaround:
    1. Create a collection in shopify (the items you want the discount code to work on)
    a. This new collection can be any product that compare at price is equal to $0.00
    2. Create a discount code that applies to all items in the newly created collection from step 1
    3. The bold discount will change the product pricing, therefore the compare at price will no longer be equal to $0.00. This means any item that is currently on sale through a bold discount will no longer be eligible for the discount code you created in step 2

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  • Hey Amber!

    Thanks so much for your comment :) This could absolutely work to prevent this! Your coupon codes could also be set to only work on the collections that are not currently on sale with Discounts.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions from here and we'll be glad to assist!

    Knowledge Centre Manager

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