Can I use a Cash on Delivery (COD) system?


Yes, but there are some details to consider. Will the merchants be responsible for delivering the product and collecting the cash? If yes, how are you planning on receiving payment from the merchants to account for your commission? If not, how are you planning on receiving the products and getting money to the merchants?

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  • How I use a Cash on Delivery (COD) system

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks so much for reaching out :) Using a Cash on Delivery system with Marketplace means that your merchants will collect payments from your customers upon delivering their orders. The merchant then provides you with your commission percentage by either sending you a PayPal transfer/wire transfer, cheque, or delivering the cash directly to you.

    Running a CoD system with the app generally requires that you're within close proximity of both your merchants and customers in order to appropriately collect the order payments.

    Knowledge Centre Manager

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