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You can integrate Shoelace with Recurring Orders to target your customers with unique ads that promote your subscription products and drive repeat purchases from past customers. Visit Shoelace to learn more about its features.

Customers who purchase your products once but don't sign up for a subscription see branded ads that promote your subscription products. By integrating Shoelace with the Recurring Orders checkout, you exclude customers who have purchased a subscription, so you only target the correct audience.

You can work with Shoelace's dedicated support team to ensure your success and create specific Recurring Orders campaigns. 

How to Integrate Shoelace

To integrate Recurring Orders with Shoelace, you must have the Shoelace app installed in your store. You should also have your Facebook Pixel account connected to Recurring Orders

  1. Install the Shoelace Shopify app.
  2. Complete the Facebook Pixel Integration.

    Note: Ensure you use the same Facebook Pixel account in the Shoelace app.

  3. Enable the Recurring Orders integration in Shoelace. Email their team directly at for assistance with this.
  4. From "Shopify admin", select Apps.


  5. Select Recurring Orders.

    Recurring Orders

  6. Select Settings.


  7. Select Integrations.


  8. Select Shoelace.


  9. Select the toggle to enable.

    enable Shoelace

  10. Select Save


That's it! 

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