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Switch from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing

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If you would like to switch from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to Custom Pricing, Quantity Breaks will need to be uninstalled from your store before you can install Custom Pricing.

There is no migration process available to transfer your Quantity Breaks discounts over to Custom Pricing. You can recreate your quantity breaks discounts in Custom Pricing using the Quantity Breaks plan.


Before removing Quantity Breaks, it is important to turn off all active discounts. This syncing process will allow Quantity Breaks to remove any hidden variants that have been created on your products.

This article will go over the price plans, versions, and features available in Custom Pricing to help you get set up quickly.




Quantity Breaks (Standalone) is no longer available for download. You will not be able to reinstall Quantity Breaks once it’s removed from your store.

Custom Pricing allows you to offer varying discounts to specific customers and/or quantity discounts, depending on the plans you have enabled.

The plans are:

  • Quantity Breaks ($20.00/month)
  • Customer Pricing ($39.99/month)
  • Customer Pricing Premium ($20/month)

For a full overview of all the features available in each plan, please visit Customer Pricing Overview & Pricing.



Quantity Breaks Plan

The Quantity Breaks plan allows you to set up volume discounts on your store. This is the only plan you need to recreate your quantity breaks as you have them set up in the standalone version. The Quantity Breaks plan can be used on its own, or in addition to the other plans. 

To set up your quantity breaks discounts, you will need to create a Product Pricing Group. For detailed steps and a video tutorial, please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Product Pricing Groups.



Customer Pricing Plan

The Customer Pricing plan allows you to offer different pricing to certain customers, such as wholesale clients or vip members. This plan can be used alone or in combination with Quantity Breaks or Customer Pricing Premium.

To use this feature, you will need to set up customer tags as well as create Product Pricing Groups. For more information on these steps, please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Customer Tags and Create, Edit, or Delete Product Pricing Groups.



Customer Pricing Premium

The Customer Pricing Premium plan can be used in addition to the Customer Pricing plan. This plan allows you to add Detailed Pricing, which is helpful if you have a lot of different products which require specific discounts for different customers. You can also enable auto-tagging using this plan. Auto-tagging will allow Custom Pricing to automatically tag your customers based on certain criteria, such as location and purchase history.

For more information on how to set up Detailed Pricing, please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Detailed Pricing.



Select a Plan

Navigate to Settings > Account Plans and simply toggle on (or off) the plans you need.

Custom Pricing Plans



Custom Pricing is available in three different discounting versions:

  • Variant Dependant Method (Version 1)
  • Draft Order Method (Standard - Version 2)
  • Accelerated Method (Version 3)

Variant Dependent Method (V1) works similar to the Quantity Breaks (Standalone) version. This method applies the discounts to your products by creating hidden variants. Draft Order Method (V2) and Accelerated Method (V3) apply discounts using Shopify draft orders.

There are various benefits and limitations to using each version. For example, V2 and V3 are faster at discounting your products, however, you can allow discount stacking using Shopify discount codes with V1, but not in V2 or V3. 


It’s important to note that Custom Pricing V3 is installed by default. To determine which method works best for you, please read through to the detailed information in Discount Methods and How to Switch.




This setup explains how to move from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to the Quantity Breaks plan in Custom Pricing. If you would like to use other plans available in Custom Pricing such as the Customer Pricing plan, please follow the steps outlined in Set up Custom Pricing.

To move from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing, please follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off all discounts in Quantity Breaks and wait for the sync to complete.
  2. Delete Quantity Breaks from your store.
  3. Download Custom Pricing to your store.
  4. From within Custom Pricing, navigate to Settings > Account Plans and select the Quantity Breaks plan.
  5. Install the Liquid code to your theme. For more information, please visit our Installation Guide for Custom Pricing.
  6. Select a discount method. For more information on each discount method, please visit Discount Methods and How to Switch.
  7. Setup your quantity breaks discounts using Product Pricing Groups. For detailed steps, please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Product Pricing Groups.




Part 1 of this video series will go over tags and Product Pricing Groups in Custom Pricing.

Part 2 of this video series will go over Detailed Pricing and pausing groups in Custom Pricing.

Part 3 of this video series will go over the versions and price plans in Custom Pricing.