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Passwordless Login with Shop Pay

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Shop Pay’s sign-in with Shop feature helps improve your customer’s shopping experience by giving them the ability to sign in to their customer account and manage their subscriptions, all without requiring a password.

With over 118 million registered Shop Pay users, passwordless login helped increase customer logins by more than 50%, while support requests were reduced by almost 30%.




Sign-in with Shop provides a secure, passwordless login using your customer’s Shop credentials and saved passkeys.

Both new and existing customers can sign in with Shop. If a new customer signs in with Shop when they visit your store, a customer account is automatically created for them.

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Alert: Sign in with Shop works with Shopify classic customer accounts only.




  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Customer accounts.
  2. In the Sign in with Shop section, click Turn on.

Read more about this setup on Shopify’s Help Center.