Passwordless Login with Shop Pay

Shop Pay’s Sign in with Shop helps improve your customer’s shopping experience by giving them the ability to sign in to their customer account and manage their subscriptions, all without requiring a password.

With over 118 million registered Shop Pay users, passwordless login helped increase customer logins by more than 50%, while support requests were reduced by almost 30%.



Sign in with Shop provides a secure, passwordless login using your customer’s Shop credentials and saved passkeys.

Both new and existing customers can sign in with Shop. If a new customer signs in with Shop when they visit your store, a customer account is automatically created for them.

Sign in with Shop works with Shopify classic customer accounts only.

Learn more about other Shop sign in features that you can add to your store.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Customer accounts.
  2. In the Sign in with Shop section, click Turn on to enable sign in with Shop for your store.

Read more about this setup on Shopify’s Help Center.

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