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Create an API Access Token in Account Center

  • Updated

Partners and Developers now have the ability to create API access tokens directly within Bold Account Center.

When creating your API access token, you are provided with a Shared Secret and API token. The Shared Secret is used for Webhooks, and the API access token is used to access the Bold API. This information will disappear once the steps are completed and the dialog box is closes. It is important to save this information in a secure location.




  1. Create an account, or log into Account Center using your credentials.
  2. Expand the left-hand menu and select API access tokens.

    Expanded left-hand menu

  3. Select Create API access token.
  4. Enter the API access token name and select the scopes as shown in the screenshot below.

    M1 Scopes

  5. Select Create.

    Note: You will now be provided with the Shared Secret and API access token. This API access token will disappear once the dialogue box closes. Save this information in a secure place.

  6. Select Done.