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Bulk Updates Overview

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Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout allows you to quickly make large scale changes to your customers’ existing subscriptions using the Bulk Update tool.

This article provides an overview of the types of bulk updates you can perform, how the bulk update tool works, and outlines some important considerations.




There are two types of bulk updates you can perform using the Bulk Update tool:

  • Bulk Price Updates - This allows you to change the price and discount of the products in your customers’ existing subscriptions.
  • Bulk Product Swap - This allows you to swap one product out for another in your customers’ existing subscriptions.

Note: You can also create fixed shipping rates by country and apply them to your existing subscribers orders in bulk. For more information about this process, please visit Fixed Shipping Rates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

When a bulk update is performed, all the products in your customers’ existing subscriptions are checked – even if only one subscription product is updated. Because of this, the time it takes to complete the update depends on the number of subscribers you have and the number of products in each subscription.

Once your updates are complete, you can download a summary of the Bulk Update Report. This report outlines all of the changes made in a CSV file, and notes any reasons for why a bulk update may not have been applicable.



Important considerations

It’s best to read through the information and important considerations relevant to the type of bulk update you are planning to perform. Please visit the following articles for more information and step-by-step setup directions:

Generally, the following points should be considered when performing a bulk update:

  • The Bulk Update tool only updates the products involved in your customer's existing subscriptions. It does not change the price or availability of the products on your storefront.
  • Shipping rates are updated on subscriptions which qualify for a new rate due to a price or product change, however, price changes related to shipping made in the middle of a prepaid paid cycle will not update until it is set to renew.
  • Only one bulk update can be actioned at a time. The bulk update button is disabled if a fixed shipping update is in progress.