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Bold Discounts Discount Group FAQs

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This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to discount groups of Bold Discounts. Please select a question below to view the answer.



  • No, Discounts applies discounts to all variants of the product and does not have the ability to apply discounts to specific variants only.

    If you need to discount specific variants only, you can use Bold Discounts Powered by Bold Price Rules. Please visit Bold Discounts & Bold Discounts Powered by Price Rules Comparison for more information on each version and how to switch versions.
  • Discount groups cannot be rearranged within the Bold Discounts admin. By default, the discount groups are sorted from oldest created at the top to newest created at the bottom.
  • To remove or add item(s) in a discount group you must deactivate the group, wait for the sync to complete and then add or remove the product(s). Once this is done, you can reactivate the group to resume the sale for the other items in the discount group.

    When a sale product is in an active discount group, you are not able to add or remove a product.
  • On average, it takes between 60-90 minutes per 1000 variants. This is due to a limitation of how quickly we can access Shopify's servers to make these adjustments. Peak periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can take significantly longer.
  • If you add the same product into two or more active discount groups, Discounts V1 uses the discount applied first and skips any other discounts. This prevents a product from being double discounted by mistake.

    Discounts V1 does this by tagging each item that it places on sale with hidden metafields. Any product that already has a Discounts' metafield attached is skipped.
  • Discount groups cannot be edited or deleted while they are active, you must turn off the discount group first.

    Once a discount group is deactivated, allow the sync to complete before editing or deleting the same discount group.
  • When creating a discount group that contains a collection, all products (active and archived) within that collection are discounted. It is important to note that archived products in your collection increase the time it takes to sync the discount group.