Uninstall an App from Your Store

We have fun building apps with store owners in mind because we're Shopify store owners too. Having said that, we're sorry to see you want to cancel your subscription to our service.

Some of the common reasons a store owner removes an app are:

  • they have a question,
  • they are confused by the instructions,
  • they are nearing the end of the app trial; or
  • they are having trouble using the app.

We're here to help!

From adding some extra time to the free trial to building a custom solution, we can do almost anything. Email our Merchant Success team and let us know what we can do to help.

Several of our apps can create products, variants or change pricing. The offers must first be stopped in the app and ensure you wait for the offers to finish updating. Depending on the number of products that need to be updated, it can take a few minutes or several hours to complete.

To turn these offers off, you must navigate to the app's "Current Offers" page and set the toggle switches for these to "Off". For example: the offers page in Product Upsell is located under "Offers" > "Current Offers".

We understand our apps may not be the perfect fit for every store. If you have decided that this app is not for you and are sure you want to uninstall, follow these instructions: 

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    select apps 

  2. Locate the App you want to uninstall.

    locate the app 

  3. Select the Remove button.

    select remove 

  4. Let us know why you’re removing ... (Optional)


  5. Select Delete.

    select delete 

When removed from the store, access to the app and monthly billing stops immediately.

No, the liquid code added to the theme files is not automatically removed when the app is uninstalled. Due to a limitation of Shopify's platform, we are not able to automatically make changes to the theme code after an app is uninstalled.

The code that was added to your theme should be fine to stay there, unless you're looking at installing a third party app with similar functionality. In that case, it would be best to have the Bold app code removed from your theme.

Removing the app code can be done manually, or completed by our installation expert team.


Manual Uninstalls

Within our help center, all of the apps have a manual installation guide. To manually remove the code from your theme, you could go through the specific app install instructions and remove the code found on your store.


Expert Uninstall

To create a ticket request with our expert installation team to remove the Bold app code from your store, please contact us. By creating a ticket, you will be asked to confirm which theme you would like this code uninstallation completed on.
All of these requests are completed manually on a rotational basis, and will be completed as soon as possible.

Please ensure that we have an active staff account for your site, prior to submitting your installation request. Visit Create a Shopify Staff Account for more information on how to create an account.

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