Can I delete the Quantity Breaks' variants in my Shopify admin?

The short answer is no.

If you want to remove the price break variants the proper way to do so is to either Delete or Pause the quantity break groups through the app. Once the app has finished the process of removing the quantity breaks on all products in your store, you are good to go with any imports or exports. After you have completed your imports, you can simply apply the quantity breaks again by clicking play. This will create the quantity breaks on the same products, or filtered lists.">

How will the quantity breaks get re-applied?

If you have a quantity break group that is applied to a filter such as "all products where Product Type = Shoes" and you added new shoes, the app will add the quantity breaks to the new shoes as well if they fall into that filter. If your quantity break group was applied to specific products, it will be applied to those same exact products again when you restart it and no new products.

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