Hidden Bundle Variants Show up in Other Apps



This only applies to stores using the Variant Dependant Method of Bold Bundles. The Draft Orders Method does not create variants.

Bold Bundles creates bundle variants to represent the bundle discounts that a user can receive if eligible. Part of the code install for the app hides the bundle variants from the storefront. It works by detecting if certain meta field data is on the variant and if so the variant is hidden.

Other apps don't have that code programmed into them to hide or not use those bundle variants, and if the app pulls the Shopify variant information and works with it in some manner (such as displaying the variants in another format), there's a chance that the bundle variants will be pulled as well.

Because we don't have any control over what these apps do we're not able to stop these apps from using those variants, and you would likely need to contact the other app's developer to see what can be done on their end.

Our code in the Shopify storefront uses the following if statement to detect if the "shappify_bundle.is_bundle" meta field is equal to true, and if so the variant is hidden.

{% if variant.metafields.shappify_bundle.is_bundle == "true" %}{% else %}

This or something similar would need to be used in the other apps programming to detect this meta field on the variant so it's ignored.

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