Stores are Displaying near Africa or Otherwise Incorrectly

A convenient way to load a large number of stores at once is to import a CSV file with the address locations.

If the CSV file does not contain the latitude and longitude (GPS) coordinates, the app will attempt to locate the address based on the address details provided.

If for some reason, the address cannot be located, a pin is placed in the middle of the map, like this:

Why wasn't the address found?

There are a number of possibilities. It might have something to do with the way the address is written, the spelling, if it's a new address or something else. Not to worry though! You can easily move them to the proper spot. :-)

Solution #1


From the Store Locator app admin, click on View Stores.


Locate the store in your list of stores. Click on .


On the "Add a New Location" page, scroll down to Step 4 - Adjust Store Location

Adjust Store Location


Click on . The map should update with the location.

If the map does not show a pin in the new location, continue to Solution #2

Solution #2


Open Google Maps ( and search for the address


Right-click on the pin. From the context menu, select "What's here?"


In the top left corner, a card will display with the address, and the GPS coordinates. Click the coordinates.


Back in the app, under "Step 4- Adjust Store Location" section, click the "I know my Coordinates" link.


Copy and paste the numbers into the latitude and longitude fields. The numbers are seperated by a comma. The first number is the latitude, the second is the longitude. It's important to copy the complete number, including the minus symbol.



Click Update Location when done.

For a handy article on how to find latitude/longitude coordinates for a particular address, click here

Solution #3


If a pin appears on the map, click and drag it to the desired location.

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