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Bold Upsell allows you to create upsell and cross-sell offers to encourage your customers to increase their average order value. You can show offers that are triggered based on certain events, and if a customer chooses to accept it, the offer product will either be added to the cart in place of their current product, or be added alongside the product.

Bold Upsell's pricing is based on the number of views your offers receive in a calendar month. 

Before you start paying for the app, you'll have the option to pick the plan you want. Upsell offers a free trial period with unlimited offers and views, regardless of the plan selected. After the trial period, your app will display the maximum views indicated by your selected plan.

When you reach your plan's maximum views, an email is sent informing you that the view limit has been reached along with an offer to upgrade your plan. Upsell views are reset to zero on the first day of every month.

You also have the option to upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time. Shopify will automatically pro-rate the billing.

Here are the view limits of each plan:

Monthly Price View Limit
$9.99 200
$19.99 1000
$39.99 2000
$59.99 5000
$89.99 Unlimited


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