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Bold Upsell gives you the ability to create cross-sell offers to show to your customers. These offers are different from upsell offers in that they will be added to a customer's cart alongside their current products, rather than replacing it.

Cross-sell offers often complement the item that triggers the offer, such as a shoelace cross-sell when a customer purchases a shoe.

To create a cross-sell offer with Bold Upsell, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Upsell app, select Offers, then Create Offer.

    From the side navigation bar, select Offers (second menu item), then Create Offer in the sub-menu (second menu item, again)

  2. Enter a name for your offer.

    Note: This is an internal name for your own reference.

    Set an internal name for your offer

  3. Select Set A Trigger.

    Within the Upsell Offer Flow section, select Set a Trigger on the right-hand side

  4. Select the trigger type.

    Note: If you are using Upsell and Bold Cashier together, you can enable Upsell after Checkout and select After checkout.

    Below the Upsell Trigger, select your trigger event: Add to Cart, which will trigger the offer when a customer selects Add to Cart on a product; Before Checkout, which will trigger the offer when the customer goes to the cart page; or After Checkout, which will trigger the offer once a customer has completed their purchase

  5. Choose Select Products.

    Below the trigger event and on the right-hand side, click Select Products

  6. Select Add next to the product you would like to trigger the offer.

    Note: You can also filter by collection, vendor, and product type. 

    Click Add to the right of the product or products you want to include

  7. Select Continue with selected products.

    In the bottom-right of the pop-up menu, select Continue With Selected Products

  8. Enter a quantity restriction (optional).

    Note: This is the minimum number of selected products the customer must have in their cart for the offer to trigger.

    Underneath the Trigger Products under the heading Trigger Quantity, you can enter a number if you want to trigger the offer only when a certain number of products are in the cart

  9. Select Set An Offer.

    Under Upsell Offer, on the right-hand side, select Set An Offer

  10. Enter an offer title.

    In the menu below Upsell Offer, enter an offer title that customers will see

  11. Enter an offer description.

    Below the offer title, enter a description for customers to see, such as these products go great together

  12. Choose Select Products.

    Below the offer description and to the right, click Select Products

  13. Select Add next to the offer product.

    Click Add next to the product or products you want to include

  14. Select Continue with selected products.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Continue With Selected Products

  15. Select Set another offer... on the "Offer declined" or "Offer accepted" option (optional).

    Note: This option is only available if you have enabled Upsell's "funnels" feature. Visit Using Upsell Funnels for more information about this feature.

    If you have Upsell Funnels, select Set another offer under Offer Declined or Offer Accepted

  16. Repeat Steps 10 to 15 until your funnel conditions are satisfied.

    If you have Upsell Funnels, repeat Steps 12 to 17 to fill out the additional offers' titles, descriptions, and products

  17. Select Set Date Range (optional).

    Optionally, select Set Date Range on the far-right under the Conditions section

  18. Enter a Start Date and End Date (optional).

    If setting a date range, change the Starts and Ends times from the calendar menu

  19. Select Set Cart Price (optional).

    Optionally, below the Date Range, select Set Cart Price on the right-hand side

  20. Enter a Min cart total and Max cart total (optional).

    On the left-hand side, enter a minimum cart value, and on the right-hand side, enter a maximum cart total if you want to restrict your offer

  21. Under "Additional Options":
    • Select Make the product image or product names a link to the product page if you would like customers to be able to see the product when they select its image in Upsell. This may require a small coding adjustment from our team. Please contact our Merchant Success team for further assistance with this.

      Note: We can only track when an item is added through the offer window. By checking this we will not be able to accurately report your offer conversions.

    • Select Hide products that are out of stock (ie. Don't allow backorders) to hide items from the cross-sell window that may be out of stock in your Shopify admin. By default, Upsell will show items with no inventory to your customers.
    • Select Automatically remove items from the cart if the trigger or conditions are unmet if you're using the app in conjunction with Bold Discounts V1 to offer buy one get one deals. This feature will only work correctly with items created using Discounts' duplicate and hide feature.

    Note: Visit Advanced Options in Bold Upsell for more information.

    Picture shows the additional options you can choose to add on the offer; select the toggle on the left of each option for the ones you'd like to set

  22. Select Save Offer.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Save Offer

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