Create an Upsell Offer

To create an offer with Product Upsell, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.
  2. Select Product Upsell.
  3. Select Create New Offers.
  4. Under "Step 1 - Select when offer should show" select an option.

    Note: The recommended option is: Display offer to customer when clicking the checkout button because you can use products or individual variants to trigger the offer.

  5. Scroll down to "Step 2 - Setup offer".
  6. Enter an Offer Name.

    Note: This is only visible to you.

  7. Enter an Offer Title.

    Note: This is what displays in the offer.

  8. Enter a Description of your offer.
  9. Scroll down to "Step 3 - Select product(s) to upsell".
  10. Select Select Products to choose product(s), collection(s), vendor or product type(s).

    Note: These are the products you want to appear in your upsell offer.

  11. Select Add.
  12. Select Allow customers to add more than 1 product to cart if you would like customers to be able to add more than one product.
  13. Select Check this box if you would like to enable the product title and image on the popup offer as a link to the product page. (NOTE: We can only track when an upsell item is added through the upsell offer window, therefore, by checking this we will not be able to accurately report your upsell conversions) if you want to link the product title.
  14. Select Add a limit disclaimer if you would like to display a "Limit xx per customer" message.
  15. Enter a number in the "Limit xx per customer" area to limit the number of upsell products a customer can purchase.
  16. Scroll down to "Step 4 - Select Offer Trigger".
  17. Select the appropriate checkboxes to indicate how the offer is triggered.

    Note: The preferred method is Trigger offer if any of the selected product(s) are already in the customer's cart because it allows you to create offers relevant to what is in the customer's cart.

  18. Select Select Products to choose product(s), collection(s), vendor or product type(s).

    Note: These are the products you want to trigger your upsell offer.

  19. Select Add.
  20. Enter a number in the Enter quantity of product(s) needed in cart field if you would like to specify how many items must be in the cart before the offer is triggered.
  21. Select the Hide products that are out of stock (ie. Don't allow backorders). checkbox to stop customers from purchasing items when there is no inventory.
  22. Select Create.

That's it!

Now that you've created your first offer, don't stop there! The more specific your offers are to unique products and dollar amounts spent, the better the success rate you will see. Try creating more offers and make them as relevant to the customer's cart contents as possible.


How to create an upsell offer

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