Quantity Breaks and Customer Specific Pricing Functionality in the Same Store

There is a limitation in the apps that makes it impossible to download both Customer Specific Pricing and Quantity Breaks into a single store.  To have both apps functioning in your store, a special version of the Customer Specific Pricing app needs to be installed.  Here are some key points to consider before requesting this customization:

  • You would handle both Customer Specific Pricing and Quantity Breaks from this special version.
  • You're able to have quantity based discounts for customer pricing customers, regular customers, or both.
  • This app doesn't include functionality from the premium version of customer pricing, such as CSV pricing imports, auto-tagging, or the detailed pricing functionality.
  • There is a one-time install fee of $200 with a monthly subscription fee of $49.99/month.
  • Both the quantity-based discount functionality and "wholesale" functionality will require the app to create app variants to represent the app's discounts.  Both dimensions of functionality may result in many app variants being generated, which can potentially be restricted by Shopify's 100 variant per product limit.

    To help illustrate the number of variants the app generates, consider that you have an item with three regular variants, and you add one wholesale pricing tier to that product, which will increase the variants to a total of six (the three original and a variation of each of them for the wholesale tier). Then if you were to add two quantity based discounts, say at quantities of six and 12, this would bring the variant count up to 18 (the original three, the three wholesale variants, two sets of three variants to represent quantity-based discounts at six and 12 for regular customers, and another two sets of three variants for wholesale quantity-based discounts). So you can see from the original three variants the apps have brought this up to 18 quite quickly.

If you're interested in the Customer Specific Pricing and Quantity Breaks combo app, Email our Support Wizards and we'll schedule the install for you. 

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