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Can the highest price break be capped?

  • Updated

No, any quantity above the highest price break will have the highest price break applied to it.

For example, if you have three price tiers such as this:

  • Buy 2 - 10% off
  • Buy 3 - 15% off
  • Buy 5 - 20% off

Any quantity of 5 or greater will get 20% off.


The Quantity Breaks (standalone) app is no longer available for new installations. If you are currently using Quantity Breaks, you will be able to continue using the app on a grandfathered plan.

New requests for Quantity Breaks will be directed to Custom Pricing which has a Quantity Breaks plan available. For more information, please visit Custom Pricing Overview.

If you'd like move from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to Custom Pricing, please visit Switch from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing.