Display Settings

Basic Text

You can customize just about everything on your Store Locator app! You might have a certain lingo you use throughout your website that you want consistent or maybe you want to change buttons or text to a different language, here's where you do it!

Go ahead and play around with the text settings to get things the way you like. After you change something, just have a look at your store locator page and hit refresh to see what the new changes look like.

NOTE: Sometimes if you add too many words or characters it might not fit your store's layout and won't look good, so you'll want to double check and adjust accordingly. 

Header & Footer

The Header and Footer boxes can accept plain text or HTML. If you want to add an introduction to your Store Locator page above it, use the Header box and if you want it just below the Store Locator, use the Footer box.

Initial Map Positioning

You can set the initial position and zoom level that the map will start from for your customers. Just drag it around and zoom it to where you want it.

Information Formatting

More awesome customizations! This is where you can control what fields show in your address list as well as your detailed view. The Address section will control how the address will be displayed on the left in the list and the Detailed section will control how it will be displayed in the popup on the map.

Just use the tags and move them around to set them where you want and in whatever order you want them to display. Once you have it set the way you want, click "Validate" to confirm that everything is ok. If it says Successful then you're good!

Here's a video that covers all this:

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