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This article requires technical knowledge and prior experience with Liquid code. If you are not comfortable with this, Request a Bold Discounts Installation for help.

The Sales Clock countdown timer for Bold Discounts is a single line of code to show your customers when your sale ends, driving the urgency to purchase the product now before the discounted price ends.

Sales Clock and Sales Icon

If you would like to add a Sales Icon as well, you can follow the Sales Icon Liquid Install Instructions.

To install the sales clock on your theme, please follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate themes, to create a backup copy.
  2. From Shopify's admin, select Online Store.

    Select Online Store

  3. Select Actions.

    Select Actions

  4. Select Edit code.

    Select Edit Code

  5. Under "Templates", select product.liquid.

    Note: If your theme contains sections you may find this code within product-template.liquid under "Sections" instead.

    Select product.liquid

  6. Copy and paste this code where you would like the countdown timer to appear:

    {% render 'shappify-sales-clock' %}

    Note: This code can be placed anywhere, but we recommend it be placed under the product title or product price.

    Render sales clock

  7. Select Save.

    Select save

  8. Under "Snippets", look for shappify-sales-clock.liquid

    Note: If the file is missing, visit Product Discount Snippet Files for the instructions to add the snippet file.

    find the snippet

That's it! To test that your sales clock code is working and looks good, you need to Create a Discount with Bold Discounts.

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