Set up a Free Shipping Promotion


Bold Motivator works alongside your Shopify or Bold Cashier shipping settings to give you the ability to advertise free shipping.

Motivator displays the qualifying banners to show your customers how close they are to receiving free shipping, while Shopify & Cashier offer the rate to your customers when they check out.

Note: If you're unable to modify your shipping settings, please visit Create a Motivator Goal for a Discount Code. Shopify & Cashier also provide you with the ability to offer free shipping as a discount code.

To use Motivator to offer free shipping, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Settings.

    Note: If you're using Bold Cashier, Create a Discount Code in Cashier.

    At the very bottom-left of your Shopify admin, select Settings

  2. Select Shipping.

    On the left-hand side (fourth down), select Shipping

  3. Select Add shipping zone.

    Select Add Shipping Zone

  4. Under "Price based rates", select Add rate.

    Select Add Rate

  5. Enter a Name for this rate.

    Enter Rate Name

  6. Enter a Minimum order price.

    Note: This should match the cart total goal you want your customers to reach in Step 16.

    Enter Minimum Order Price

  7. Enter a Maximum order price (optional).

    Enter Maximum Order Price

  8. Under "Rate", select Free shipping rate.

    Select Free Shipping Rate

  9. Select Done.

    Select Done

  10. Enter a Zone name.

    Enter Zone Name

  11. Select Save.
  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Sales Motivator.
  3. Select Goals.
  4. Select Create a new goal.

    Select Create a New Goal

  5. Under "Step 1 - The Goal Amount", enter the Cart Total (dollar amount) required to reach the goal.

    Note: This cart total should match the "minimum order price" you specified in Step 6.

    Enter Cart Total

  6. Under "Step 2 - Make the Pitch!", enter the Initial Message (your sales pitch).

    Note: The message will display approximately once every 24 hours. If a customer visits during the day and comes back later the same day, it is assumed the shopper saw the pitch message and does not need to be reminded of it. The message will display to the same visitor if they view the site from a different browser or if their browser cookies have been cleared.

    Enter the Sales Pitch

  7. Under "Step 3 - Follow Up!", enter the text you wish to appear Before the Balance and After the Balance.

    Enter Follow Up

  8. Under "Step 4 - Congrats they did it!", enter a Confirmation message.

    Enter Confirmation

  9. Select and complete the optional features:

    Note: These features are only available with the premium version of Bold Motivator.

    Select Optional Features

    • Geolocating: Goals can be targeted to customers visiting the site from different countries. One example is to offer free shipping to Canadian customers when they spend $100, and free shipping to US customers when they spend $150. Visitors from Canada would only see the goal to spend $100; US customers would only see the goal to spend $150.

      Select Geolocation

    • Scheduling: This extends the functionality to set the date and time for the motivator offer to display. This feature uses the store's time zone, defined in the Shopify admin settings.

      Select Scheduling

    • Free Product Offer: When the spending goal is reached, a free product will be automatically added to the cart. When the offer is turned on, a copy of the product selected will be automatically created, and priced at 0.00, thus making it free. The product will be removed from the store when the offer is turned off.

      Select Free Product

  10. Select Save.
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