Translate Sales Clock from English

    • From your Shopify admin, click on Themes > Template Editor
    • Click on theme.liquid
    • Add this code, anywhere between the <head> ... </head> tags.  Change the blue text to the desired translation.
function shappify_overwrite_sales_clock_text() { shappify_sale_over_label = "Sale Over";
shappify_sale_ends_in_label = "Sale ends in"; shappify_day_label = "day"; shappify_days_label = "days"; shappify_hour_label = "hour"; shappify_hours_label = "hours"; shappify_minute_label = "minute"; shappify_minutes_label = "minutes"; shappify_second_label = "second"; shappify_seconds_label = "seconds"; } </script>


This method may not work with languages using special characters.

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