Offer a Free Item when Customers Spend a Certain Amount

You can offer a free item when customers spend a certain amount by combining Product Upsell and Product Discount. These two apps, when combined, can create offers like:

  • Spend $100 or more get product X free.
  • Buy something from a certain collection get 50% off item X.
  • BOGO - Buy One Get One (free, half price etc...).

Note: Gift cards can't be set up as free products due to the way Shopify's API works.

You can set up an offer like this by following these steps:

  1. Visit Create a Discount with Product Discount to create a discount and use the app's "duplicate and hide" functionality. This will cause the app to duplicate the product, apply the discount  (up to 100%), and hide it so it's not accessible on the storefront.

    Note: This requires the Duplicate & Hide Liquid Code Installation.

  2. Visit Create an Upsell Offer to:
    • Choose the duplicated and hidden item you created in step 1,
    • offer it in a pop window and
    • set the conditions in which that item is offered.

Visit Create a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offer for more detailed setup instructions.

You can also do this with Sales Motivator. With the premium version, you can have a free gift added to the cart when a customer spends a certain amount.

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