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  • Hi,
    If I set up a custom payment option, can I make it only available for wholesale customers ?

    For example, I want to let them pay X days after ordering (by direct debit)


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  • Hi Quentin,

    Tim from Bold! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us!

    Doesn't look like Shopify has the ability to redirect a customer to checkout based on a certain tag.

    But, what we can do.. on the cart page, we can potentially add a custom condition that hides additional payment gateway buttons from certain tags. (If you have the payment gateway buttons on the cart page that is)

    We can create a ticket and look into this for you!

    Also, we are looking into flexible payments for our app, allowing customers to order and pay later, but that functionality hasn't been released it.

    Hope that answers your question! Please keep an eye on your email as you should get a contact from me shortly.

    Best regards,

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