Work with Customer Pricing Tags

Can a customer have more than one Customer Pricing tag? 

A customer can't have more than one Customer Pricing tag applied to them at once.  The app will only recognize the first tag added as a customer needs to fall into one group at a time.  If you want to change the price group a customer falls into, remove the Customer Pricing tag assigned to them and then add the new tag.


How can a tag not get a discount for a particular product group?

To have a tag not receive any kind of discount for a particular customer pricing group, when creating or editing a customer pricing group, in step 2, if the group is set to a percent or dollar discount, then you'd just assign a discount of 0 for that customer tag that you don't want to receive a discount.


What happens if I delete a tag from a customer?

If you remove a tag from a customer that customer will no longer have access to the app's pricing tier associated with that tag when they log into their customer account, and they'll instead see product's regular prices as a regular customer would.


What happens to previously applied tags after an account is auto-tagged?  (premium feature)

When a customer account is auto-tagged all other tags applied to the customer account that have also been setup in the Customer Pricing app will be removed. Any non-CSP tags will remain on the customer. 

Auto-tag rules can be ranked in priority.  In the situation where a tag was previously auto-tagged to an account, if the new tag ranks higher than the older one, then the new one will replace the older tag.  If the new tag ranks lower then old tag, then the new tag doesn't get applied.

When do Accounts get Auto-tagged (Premium Feature)

Auto-tagging based on historical order amount and dollars spent should apply retroactively and should tag sometime the next morning.

Auto-tagging based on purchased product will not apply retroactively and should tag a customer account one to several minutes after the associated product is purchased.


Is there a way to prevent certain customers from being auto-tagged (premium feature)?

You'd be able to prevent a customer account from being auto-tagged by applying the "cspnotag"  tag (without quotes) to the customer account.





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